Learn about the ancient Hindu deity Lord Shiva and his iconic third eye. Explore the legends and beliefs surrounding this unique symbol.

Third Eye Meditation

Learn about the practice of third eye meditation. Understand how it can enhance intuition, awareness, and connect the practitioner with higher consciousness.


Mythological Tale

Delve into ancient myths and stories that highlight the significance of Lord Shiva's third eye. Uncover the tales that showcase its immense power.

Symbolism  in Art

Discover how artists across history have captured the essence of the third eye in their creations. Explore the symbolism and artistic interpretations.

The All Seeing Eye

Unearth the concept of the "all-seeing eye" and its parallels with Lord Shiva's third eye. Explore its presence in various cultures and belief systems.

Balance of Power

Understand the delicate balance between destruction and creation in Hindu cosmology. Learn how Lord Shiva's third eye maintains this equilibrium.

Cosmic Dance Tandava

Witness the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva - Tandava. Understand how the third eye's energy infuses this dance with both creative and destructive forces.